Accreditation Course Overview

 In order to ensure effective use of STYLO Indicators and materials, Accreditation Courses are available through Zeisler Associates, Inc. in North America and Format Systems Ltd. in Europe. Upon your accreditation, you will be licensed to use all STYLO materials and incorporate them within your own consulting, training and developmental programs. However, the participants of your own programs will not become licensed to administer STYLO unless they have also been through the Accreditation program. The STYLO Accreditation Course is both highly interactive and applications focused. In it you will receive:

- An overview of sociological and psychological models on which STYLO is based.
- Practical guidance and experience in administering and interpreting data from the Instrument
- A comprehensive 'Trainer's Manual' for your use when using STYLO.
- Valuable insights and learnings about your own Operating Style.
- Support materials.
- An understanding of the many business and personal applications for STYLO.
- Confidence that you can incorporate STYLO immediately into your consulting, facilitating, training and development efforts.

The Course consists of some pre-work, a two-day workshop, and some follow-up tailored to each participant's needs. We offer open, corporate, one-on-one, or small group Accreditation options.

Please Contact Us for further information.  



The STYLO Accreditation Course is offered to professionals in Consulting, Coaching, Training and Development roles. If you would like more information and to discuss opportunities for one-on-one, small group or corporate in-house training, complete the request form and you will be contacted immediately. We also offer programs incorporating STYLO into customized developmental workshops.  Contact Us for further information.

New Workshop is Available: PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS FOR ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP (Contact us for details)

Based upon successful work in Leadership Development within the business sector, this powerful workshop has been designed and tailored specifically for Collegiate Leadership, including Deans, Chairs, Directors and others in Academic Leadership roles. It has been developed to provide fresh models and perspectives by focusing on management and leadership Process - how you carry out your roles and responsibilities - rather than on Content (what you do). As a result, whether you are new to academic leadership roles or familiar with them, you will experience stimulating insights through hands-on leadership situations, small-group discussion, pairs and individual work. It incorporates opportunities for personal guidance, coaching and counseling from the workshop leaders to help you achieve improved performance and success.

In the rapidly changing world of higher education, leading and managing the organization means your judgments about people and situations have to be better than ever before. The way you deal with faculty, staff, outsiders and management responsibilities determines how successful you will be. To lead others you must be able to manage yourself, both when feeling empowered and feeling threatened, recognize and put to use your leadership strengths and those of others, and identify areas for continuous improvement. This workshop provides you with robust models and powerful self-insights to put your strengths to work while building new skills for the future. In this workshop you will:

  • Gain important insights about your and others approaches to people and tasks.
  • Understand how elements of your approach affect critical Leadership functions.
  • Design a Personal Plan to identify and achieve goals for your leadership development.
  • Learn to be effective in times of personal threat.

Comments from previous attendees:

"The workshop gave me valuable and fresh insights into my leadership style and provided useful suggestions for thinking about changes." - Dr. L. Flemming, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Ohio University

"This will allow me to work more effectively on using existing resources, managing conflict and achieving goals. Thanks for a valuable workshop." - Dr. E. Sturgis, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Virginia Tech

"All aspects of the workshop were very valuable. It should be encouraged for Chairs, Directors and others who work in Teams." - Dr. A. I. Musah, Dean, College of Science & Engineering, St. Cloud State University

This workshop can be customized to meet the particular needs of your group or organization. Contact Us for further information.

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