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If you have been directed to complete an Associate Perception Indicator for a colleague click here.

To access the Self-Perception Indicator: You must complete the registration form before you can access the Indicator, even on a trial basis. Feedback on your STYLO Operating Style Indicator results will be provided to you under two options:

1. You have been specifically directed by a licensed STYLO Consultant to complete the STYLO Self-Perception Indicator and you should have been given an Authorization Code in accordance with an arrangement between your Consultant and Zeisler Associates, Inc. Enter the Authorization Code and your Consultant's name in the "Authorized User" area of the Payment Method section on the registration form. Once you have completed the Indicator, your authorized STYLO Consultant will contact you for the next steps.

2. You wish to complete the STYLO Self-Perception Indicator in order to receive your Personal Written Profile. The cost is $175 (US) payable upon registration via VISA/MC or Personal Check. Once you have completed the Indicator, you will be contacted to confirm arrangements to receive feedback and your Personal Written Profile. Please allow approximately two weeks (after payment has been secured) for receipt of your Personal Written Profile.

Read before completing the Indicator.

If you have completed the Indicator on a "Trial" basis and decide that you would like to receive feedback and your Personal Written Profile, please contact us to make payment arrangements. If you have any questions or require additional information, contact Zeisler Associates, Inc.

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