Take Charge of Your Personal Development and Become More Successful in the Best and Worst of Times.


Knowing yourself realistically - your strengths and weaknesses, your preferences and prejudices - is the starting point for developing effectiveness at work. This is particularly true today where the skills to manage projects and organizations are no longer something you could pick up in the early stages of your career and be confident that with a bit of tweaking here and there they would see you through to the end. Continuous self development is a necessity and within that process you must continually assess your competence levels, learning and unlearning as your working life unfolds.  

The STYLO Operating Style Indicator is the key to the door through which you pass to gain insights into how you go about doing things, what things you like doing and what you find less satisfying; the kind of colleagues, bosses and subordinates you prefer to work with. It makes clear how some of your preferences and prejudices can get in the way of your seeing the situation as it should be handled rather than how it can satisfy your need. It also makes you conscious of how your Operating Style (your audible and visible behavior) comes across to others and what effect that might have on them.  

Being more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your Operating Style means you are able to improve your judgment of task and relationship situations and maximize your effectiveness. You are able to align your behavior with what the situation requires - or you can manage the situation so that it more readily aligns with your preferences.  

The STYLO Model serves as a framework to throw light on your preferences for "how" you carry out tasks and deal with others in the work situation. These preferences follow from assumptions or paradigms which you have formed about how you believe things should be done. These "play out" in the audible and visible behavior you display.  

By developing greater insight and understanding into your behavior in task and interpersonal situations, you can identify actions you can take to improve your judgment and your success in a variety of circumstances. STYLO acts as a powerful key to help you unlock the door to accurate self-assessment by examining your preferences for behavior and judgment in both Encouraging and Threatening Environments.  

In contrast to typological instruments which categorize us into "types" based on aspects of personality, the STYLO Indicator is designed to measure our preferences for how things should be done. By inviting responses to statements which focus on work experiences appropriate to all organizations, it reveals our preference for behavior, throws light on what we can do about our actions to make them more effective and successful, and acts as the key to open the door to learning. Behavior is flexible, and can - and must! - be adjusted to the current situation to be appropriate.  


"The door to development is locked from the inside. No one can develop anyone except himself."
C. Argyris  

You have the opportunity to use STYLO now (and it is accessible through this Web Site!) and take the first critical steps forward to actively take charge of your own personal growth and manage your self development whether you have the support of or access to corporate training and development resources or not. Completing the STYLO Self-perception Operating Style Indicator enables you to receive a comprehensive and personalized Written Interpretation of your Personal STYLO Profile.  

This comprehensive 20 page Personal STYLO Profile - Written Interpretation is composed for you by a trained STYLO associate, based on the output generated from your Self-Perception Indicator data. This written interpretation, from a personalized coaching perspective, is intended to help you assess accurately the strengths and weaknesses of your current pattern of behavior - Your Operating Style. It should make you think about the effect this pattern has on others and how, in turn, it defines and affects how you see other people's behavior. It goes beyond self-awareness to involve you in valuing your strengths and in finding ways to put them to work. Hundreds of individuals have found their Personal STYLO Profile to be a powerful source of self-discovery, and a critical path to personal development.  


The Written Interpretation contains approximately 20 pages of jargon-free information intended to provide a framework for learning, whether through personal assimilation of the issues raised, or through discussion and collaboration with others. It is designed to assist you to improve performance by becoming aware of what lies behind your current pattern of behavior; to value, build upon and put to work your strengths; to recognize in what circumstances these may appear to be overemphasized; to identify what may make you feel threatened and how you should respond to that; to stimulate and inform the learning process necessary to acquire or to enhance skills. The Profile includes:  

  • A narrative description of your Operating Style in an Encouraging Environment,when you feel empowered and comfortable in your work context.  
  • The kind of Processes, Outcomes, Preoccupations and Concerns you are likely to find important and satisfying.  
  • A narrative description of your Operating Style in a Threatening Environment, when you experience discomfort and feel under threat.  
  • The kind of Processes, Outcomes, Preoccupations and Concerns you are likely to find uncomfortable and debilitating.  
  • A description of the work environment you are likely to prefer.  Your style of Managing with respect to:
    Controlling others
    Making Decisions
  • Your response to Change.  
  • Development issues for you.  
  • Making the most of the information in this Written Profile;
    Learning from the Profile
    Using the Profile with others
    Developing Improved performance.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback.
  • Action Planning.  

It is ultimately your own candidness when completing the STYLO Indicator that leads to accuracy, and the effort you put forth afterwards that leads to self-improvement. Although our instrument has been designed as rigorously as possible and has internal reliability and observed validity to a high level, we emphasize that the output serves only as a key to open a door to learning. A key, if you are not serious about opening the door, is not much use to you. When combined with your honesty and commitment, the STYLO Written Profile is a powerful tool to help you learn to enhance your skills of judgment of the content and context of situations, improving your responses to situations and people. Understanding your own preferences and how they help or hinder your judgment is a key element in developing those skills.  


Take your first step now! To complete the STYLO Self-perception Operating Style Indicator via on-line access, choose Go To Indicator on the menu. After you have read through the additional instructions provided, choose the GO THERE button and follow the steps as indicated. Once your Registration has been submitted the Indicator will appear for you to begin. You are welcome to complete the Indicator on a trial basis. However, please note that in order to receive results and feedback via your Personalized Written Profile:  

* The cost is $175 (US Funds) and can be paid upon on-line registration via Visa/Mastercard or by personal check. * You will receive confirmation status, via E-mail, upon receipt your registration and completed Self-perception Indicator. * Allow 10-14 working days from payment clearance to receive your Personal Written Profile.  

If you wish to complete the paper version of the STYLO Self-Perception Operating Style Indicator, if you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact Zeisler Associates, Inc. at your convenience.  


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