The STYLO Self-Perception Operating Style Indicator
is in a paired comparison, self-scoring format. There are 30 Statements, each with six (6) pair of statement endings. You must consider your choice for each pairing on its own merits without regard for an earlier choice. It is designed to help you see yourself more clearly by understanding how the way you are inclined to deal with tasks and people affects your judgment about them and about the contexts in which they occur. This, of course, affects other people's judgments about you. This Indicator will throw light on what you see as your preferred behavior pattern by asking you to choose between alternative endings about ways of accomplishing tasks and relating to people in different situations. This is not a test; there are no correct answers, neither are any of the alternatives any better or worse than the others.

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The Guide to the STYLO Self-Perception Operating Style Indicator is companion to the Indicator. It provides a self-study resource, including worksheets, to assist you in the process of discovering your personal operating style and serves as an on-going valuable reference to the STYLO Model and Theory base in user-friendly terms. The comprehensive and robust developmental Guide leads individuals to examine strategies and tactics to enhance their judgments and decision making abilities in all aspects of their work.

The STYLO Associate-Perception Operating Style Indicator is in the same paired comparison, self-scoring format as the Self-Perception Version. It is designed to be part of a process help you see yourself, from a colleague's perspective of how you appear to be inclined to deal with tasks and people. By allowing non-pejorative feedback from associates, management and subordinates, and clients, STYLO creates a unique opportunity for dialogue and learning and is a powerful tool for 360 degree feedback processes.

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Disk Versions of STYLO Self- and Associate-Perception Operating Style Indicators will soon be available in PC format. These user-friendly, single-use disks require no additional software. The computerized version prevents you from "second-guessing yourself" or being influenced by earlier choices, and eliminates the manual process of tallying.

Internet Version Access
to the STYLO Self-Perception Operating Style Indicator can be made available to you and/or your clients via password access. This will allow a licensed STYLO consultant to direct his/her clients to the "Go to Indicator" section of this site for on-line access to the Indicator. The Consultant can then access the results in a format that will assist in the planning of his/her client developmental session. In addition, Individuals who wish to take charge of their own personal development can access this area and complete the STYLO Self Perception Indicator in order to receive his/her personalized STYLO Written Interpretation Profile.

Personalized STYLO Written Interpretation Profile -
This comprehensive 20+ page personalized written interpretation is composed for you by a trained STYLO associate, based on the output generated from your Self-Perception Indicator data. This written interpretation, from a personalized coaching perspective, is intended to help you assess accurately the strengths and weaknesses of your current pattern of behavior - Your Operating Style. It should make you think about the effect this pattern has on others and how, in turn, it defines and affects how you see other people's behavior. It goes beyond self-awareness to involve you in valuing your strengths and in finding ways to put them to work.

The Value of a Written Interpretation

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