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What it is...How you can take advantage of it...How it is used...Additional information...What is STYLO?

STYLO is a developmental tool that examines BEHAVIOR. It sheds important light on how personality, environment, culture, values and beliefs play out and are revealed in the audible and visible ways people do things.

The Model and Indicator reveal a person's preference for process - HOW one prefers to do things - rather than what one does. And it displays these preferences in both Encouraging and Threatening Environments. STYLO Overview

How is STYLO used?

It is powerful in helping people improve their judgments about other people and situations and effectively manage their behavioral responses. On Managers, Leaders...and Coaching

Because STYLO does not measure hard-wired aspects of personality it does not compete with instruments such as FIRO or MBTI - rather it takes those aspects a step further and can complement personality tools as well as be robust on its own. STYLO Overview

In today's dynamic environment where approaches to work fluctuate from collaboration and team-based to heightened individual responsibilities and rapid decision-making, having accurate knowledge of one's preferences and biases for approaches provided by STYLO is essential for individual and team success. Maximizing Team Performance

In addition, STYLO contributes to a more complete understanding of how one reacts to threat. As a result, people can acquire sound insights about and strategies for enhancing one's coping skills - a must in today's turbulence and change. Improving our Effectiveness

How can I make use of STYLO?

The Indicators are available in both Self- and Associate-perception formats. The Associate-perception version provides a unique perspective in typical 360 degree feedback processes. They can be completed on paper, PC disk or the Internet. Support materials include a robust Guide to lead individuals through developmental steps. Developmental Materials

Accreditation is required for license to use the STYLO Model and Indicators. In the two-day Accreditation Course, participants receive all they need to use STYLO in consulting, coaching, mentoring, team and other training and development activities. Accreditation Course Information

Individuals who are only seeking to develop their own personal insights and growth can do so without certification. Individuals

What else should I know about STYLO?

STYLO is based on sound sociological and psychological models and theories including those of Julian Rotter [Social Learning Theory] Clayton Alderfer, Erich Fromm and Abraham Maslowe [Formulation of, Hierarchy and Continuum of Human Needs], Carl Rogers [Self-Concept], and David McClelland [Motivational Theory].Theoretical Underpinnings

It was made commercially available three years ago after extensive development in the United Kingdom and has been refined through a series of robust psychometric validations. Users can be confident in its validity and reliability, and its recent availability allows trainers and consultants to have a powerful, differentiated product in their toolkit . Validity Review

STYLO is currently being used by a growing number of companies and organizations including DuPont, Dow Chemical, Estee Lauder, Mobil Oil, National Westminster Bank, Nestle, US Army War College, US Coast Guard, and by a variety of trainers and consultants in the US, Canada and Europe . Using STYLO in the Canadian Public Sector The STYLO Model has been incorporated into a number of developmental programs, including a powerful new workshop for those in Educational Leadership positions. Personal Management Skills for Academic Leadership

STYLO is available to...

  • Individuals who wish to take charge of their own development.
  • Professionals in Training, Development, Consulting and Coaching to meet the needs of their organizations and clients with unique perspectives in Team, Quality, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching applications, and more.

If you have any questions or would like further information on personal development opportunities, workshop or training opportunities, please contact Zeisler Associates, Inc. or call (800) 819-8035.

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